Tips for arranging decorative pillows on a sofa – The Washington Post | NutSocia

Comment on this story comment Tired of the two matching pillows anchoring the corners of my flax-colored sofa, I decided I needed a crash course in Pillows 101. I’d seen enough enticing Instagram posts from tastemakers to convince me it was time to change my very traditional look. Using a variety of pillow shapes, sizes … Read more

Hugh McKean’s death shakes leadership as House GOP makes plans for 2023 – Colorado Springs Gazette | NutSocia

House Minority Leader Hugh McKean’s Death Sunday will be This has resulted in a major reshuffle of leadership, with every leadership position within the Republican faction of the House of Representatives now up for grabs. The GOP caucus plans to keep its lead reorganization on Nov 10a few days after the midterm elections. In addition … Read more

Here’s what 4 CEOs said about the business at High Point Market – Furniture Today | NutSocia

HIGH POINT – There has been a lot of discussion at the recent High Point Market about what’s to come in 2023. Here’s what four industry leaders think of the mood and business at the Fall Fair.See also: 3 first reactions to the autumn market from the furniture and decoration categories David Gebhart, Global Views … Read more

High-tech movies could be part of the future of northern New Mexico – Colorado Public Radio | NutSocia

A film school and high-tech studio is under construction in Raton, New Mexico. The new Kearny Film Studio and Education Center is slated to open next year in a historic brick school building. It will house workshops and classrooms for wardrobe design, make-up, carpentry and other film industry jobs, as well as production offices and … Read more

Chefs’ tasting menus are a sign of the evolutionary spirit of Oklahoma City’s restaurant industry – | NutSocia

Here in the Diningscape 405, progress has never been a straight line. Local chefs are on a creative ascent, giving us, as the culinary audience, more opportunities than ever before to find interesting foods. I was reminded of that during Sunday night dinner at Sedalia’s Oysters and Seafood with Chef Ryan Parrott and a selection … Read more

The quest for improvement fuels five decades of growth at Design Quest – Furniture Today | NutSocia

Grand Rapids, Michigan-based modern retailer Design Quest is celebrating its 50th anniversary. GRAND RAPIDS, Michigan — For five decades, growth has been a constant part of Design Quest’s history. The Grand Rapids-based retailer has grown from an undersized 1,200 square foot showroom in 1972 to increasingly larger spaces (5,000 square feet, 10,000 square feet, 18,000 … Read more

Hugh McKean’s death shakes leadership as House GOP plans for 2023 – | NutSocia

The death Sunday of House Minority Leader Hugh McKean will result in a major reshuffle of leadership as every leadership position within the Republican faction of the House of Representatives is now up for grabs. The GOP faction plans to hold its leadership reorganization on November 10, a few days after the midterm elections. In … Read more

Fed and White House unite for day that gets to the heart of Biden’s policy issue – CNN | NutSocia

CNN — Two centers of power in Washington on Wednesday will reveal the politically toxic dynamics of the key economic issue threatening President Joe Biden’s congressional majorities with midterm elections less than a week away. The Fed is likely to trigger another historic rate hike, and Biden will host an event about a half-mile away … Read more

Your business in 2023 depends on having that seller call – Inman | NutSocia

In order to be successful when the market changes, you must be able to persuade your sellers to price their homes according to market conditions. Author and trainer Bernice Ross provides strategies and a script to help you have difficult but necessary conversations. Inman Connect New York delivers the perfect mix of lateral thinkers, cutting-edge … Read more

Biden shuts down economy as issues of political violence and disinformation emerge – POLITICO | NutSocia

But Biden now has to do a balancing act. He cannot ignore the rise in political violence and disinformation as his campaign travel finally ramps up. That’s true even if advisors plan to focus him on purse problems, to underscore how his administration has and will fight inflation, and to draw sharp contrasts with Republican … Read more