White House Fact Sheet: Put the Numbers – Millions of Americans Would Lose Insurance Coverage, Benefits and Health Insurance Protections Under Congressional Republican Plans – Insurance News Net | NutSocia

WASHINGTON, 2 Nov (TNSres) — The White House has issued the following leaflet November 1, 2022: * * * In numbers, millions of Americans would lose health insurance, benefits and protections under Congressional Republican plans President Bidens The top priority is to bring down costs for the American people. He was proud to sign the … Read more

Hugh McKean’s death shakes leadership as House GOP makes plans for 2023 – Colorado Springs Gazette | NutSocia

House Minority Leader Hugh McKean’s Death Sunday will be This has resulted in a major reshuffle of leadership, with every leadership position within the Republican faction of the House of Representatives now up for grabs. The GOP caucus plans to keep its lead reorganization on Nov 10a few days after the midterm elections. In addition … Read more

High-tech movies could be part of the future of northern New Mexico – Colorado Public Radio | NutSocia

A film school and high-tech studio is under construction in Raton, New Mexico. The new Kearny Film Studio and Education Center is slated to open next year in a historic brick school building. It will house workshops and classrooms for wardrobe design, make-up, carpentry and other film industry jobs, as well as production offices and … Read more

Hugh McKean’s death shakes leadership as House GOP plans for 2023 – coloradopolitics.com | NutSocia

The death Sunday of House Minority Leader Hugh McKean will result in a major reshuffle of leadership as every leadership position within the Republican faction of the House of Representatives is now up for grabs. The GOP faction plans to hold its leadership reorganization on November 10, a few days after the midterm elections. In … Read more

Fed and White House unite for day that gets to the heart of Biden’s policy issue – CNN | NutSocia

CNN — Two centers of power in Washington on Wednesday will reveal the politically toxic dynamics of the key economic issue threatening President Joe Biden’s congressional majorities with midterm elections less than a week away. The Fed is likely to trigger another historic rate hike, and Biden will host an event about a half-mile away … Read more

Biden shuts down economy as issues of political violence and disinformation emerge – POLITICO | NutSocia

But Biden now has to do a balancing act. He cannot ignore the rise in political violence and disinformation as his campaign travel finally ramps up. That’s true even if advisors plan to focus him on purse problems, to underscore how his administration has and will fight inflation, and to draw sharp contrasts with Republican … Read more

US Capitol Police first learned of Paul Pelosi’s attack through House’s live camera feed – CNN | NutSocia

Washington CNN — The US Capitol Police first learned of the break-in at the home of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in San Francisco about 10 minutes after the incident when an officer activated police lights and sirens on a live camera feed at the Capitol Police Command Center in Washington, DC noted. According to a … Read more

Doug Mastriano Josh Shapiro Training PA Plans – GoErie.com | NutSocia

Changes, some dramatic, could come to Commonwealth public education under its next governor. GOP candidate Doug Mastriano’s proposals would represent a radical departure from Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf’s eight-year status quo. The Republican state senator has discussed a measure to eliminate property taxes overnight with significant cuts in public education — and then backtracked — … Read more

Levin leads narrowly in 49th place; Biden wants to promote him – The San Diego Union-Tribune | NutSocia

While a spate of late spending and last-minute plans for a presidential campaign boost underscore how close the race is, a new poll has found Rep. Mike Levin in the 49th congressional district on San Diego’s waterfront has a slight advantage over the challenger Brian Maryott has and Orange County. Your guide to the 2022 … Read more

Officials: Pelosi attack suspect was on ‘suicide mission’ – US News & World Report | NutSocia

By OLGA R. RODRIGUEZ and STEFANIE DAZIO, Associated Press SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — The man accused of breaking into the home of House Speaker Nancy Pelosis, hitting her husband and attempting to kidnap her has told police he was on a “suicide mission” and have plans to target other California and federal politicians, according to … Read more