1 in 3 voters say fixing US economy should be top priority – here are the 3 money issues they care about most – CNBC | NutSocia

This election season, voters are focused on one big issue: the economy. Americans rank inflation as the top concern for the US, followed by jobs and the broader economy, an Ipsos/Reuters poll in October showed.

Over the past year, Americans have wanted to dine out, travel and enjoy in-person events that became rare in the early days of the Covid-19 pandemic. But skyrocketing prices for everything from eggs to airfare, as well as uncertainty about the future, thwarted many of those plans.

Voters may be divided on many issues, but they all seem to agree that money and the government’s impact on it needs to be addressed. When asked what single message voters hope to send politicians with their votes this year, the No. 1 responses are “be more effective and do more” and “fix the economy and lower the cost of living,” according to an NBC News poll .

With that in mind, here’s a look at three of the key economic issues facing the US right now.

1. The rising cost of living

2. The looming possibility of a recession

3. The volatile stock market

The stock market is not a complete picture of the economy, but its performance certainly matters to voters. Watching their portfolios swell as pandemic recovery efforts take hold, only to burst and remain volatile through 2022 has many Consumers rethinking their retirement plans and worried about their future.

The stock market will bob up and down until there is a clear idea of ​​what the government is doing, says Harvard’s Ansolabehere. Tax reforms and changes in the funding of social programs like food stamps and Medicare can impact consumer budgets and create more market uncertainty.

“There are things Congress shouldn’t do and things it can do to create a more stable situation,” Ansolabehere said. “What Wall Street wants is certainty. They want to be able to anticipate what Congress is going to do on budgets and taxes.”

Finding that stability could be a challenge. If Democrats lose the House of Representatives, Congress could brace for another standoff on the debt ceiling, potentially threatening to shut down the government or default the country, reports The Washington Post.

The war in Ukraine, another wave of Covid, and climate change could slow or nullify progress towards a full economic recovery where prices get back to earth and checking your 401(k) isn’t so heartbreaking . But it’s up to voters to decide who best handles these issues.

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